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What to Expect

When you call for an appointment, we’ll ask you whether you want to book a treatment with your first visit. You can also schedule just for an examination without treatment.

Getting Started

Midtown Toronto Chiropractor What To Expect

Dr. Alison will take time to get to know you at your first visit

When you arrive, we’ll have you fill out a Health History Form and a Wellness Check Questionnaire. Then, Dr. Alison will do a physical chiropractic examination. She’ll discuss her findings with you and make suggestions for moving forward.

If you’re combining your examination with a treatment, please allow for 90 minutes at our office. If you’re only having the examination done, it will take 60 minutes.

Online Forms

For your convenience, you may download, print and complete the Health History Form in advance of your appointment with Dr. Alison. If that is not possible, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to complete the necessary paperwork.

Complete the Wellness Check Questionnaire online and print the final results page of the questionnaire to bring to your initial consultation. Alternatively, it can also be emailed to

Preparing for Your Visits

We ask that you wear loose, comfortable clothing like yoga pants or shorts with an elastic waistband. A T-shirt works well, and for women, we ask you to wear a wireless bra or slip it off for the treatment.

Regular Visits

Subsequent visits will take 45 minutes. Dr. Alison assesses your body and treats accordingly. She’ll also recommend any exercises you might benefit from doing. We’ll discuss what you’re going through and encourage you to get into a positive mindset while your body is making wonderful changes.

Are you wondering if our alternative chiropractic care might work for you? Contact us today to find out more.

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