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Meet Dr. Alison Coutts

A Feeling from a Young Age

Midtown Toronto Chiropractor Dr. Alison Coutts

Dr. Alison Coutts

When I was a child, I experienced a feeling that I knew I would have a job that deeply and profoundly help others. I have an explicit memory of this strong feeling, but it didn’t return until later in life. I earned a degree in biochemistry at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg and was working in research and development. One day as I was about to put my lab coat on, I thought, “Is this what I want to be doing for the rest of my life?”

Remembering My Feelings

It was then that the memory of the feeling I experienced as a child returned to me. I’d had a great experience with a chiropractor when I was in university. At the time, I was having debilitating back pain and the chiropractor helped me immensely. I realized I wanted to do the same thing, to help people heal deeply and profoundly. That’s when I decided to become a chiropractor.

A Challenging Education

Dr. Alison attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. Her biochemistry degree gave her a great background in dealing with, and understanding, the human body. Her chiropractic education was strenuous. During her time at CMCC, Dr. Alison fell in love with the amazing, wonderful abilities our bodies have. ‘’I’m still amazed every single day. I have such a passion for the body.”

Always Learning More

Outside of chiropractic,  Dr. Alison keeps life interesting with travel,  a zest for learning and you’ll always see her with a book in her hand that teaches her more about life.

I’m ready to discuss whether my specialized care for chronic sufferers will work for you. Contact me today!

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