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Matrix Repatterning® in Midtown Toronto

A Groundbreaking Manual Therapy

Midtown Toronto Chiropractor

The way we treat will be based on the biography of your body

Dr. Alison was in the first class to graduate with a certification in Matrix Repatterning®. She has been well-versed in this technique since 2002 and is ready to share its unique healing properties with you.

This method allows us to address your body at a cellular level. Energy from impacts over the course of our lifetime is absorbed into our bodies. From the age that we learn how to walk, bumps, bruises and the falls of life can cause us injury. These injuries can affect us well into our 30s and 40s, and even beyond, if not addressed.

Our Connected Bodies

Your body is one continuous piece of fabric. What happens in one part will affect the entirety. We’ll scan your body looking for a lack of electrical conduction that will indicate an injury. Dr. Alison can use her hands or microcurrents to do so, which is called therapy localization. Your body will tell us where the injury is and what to do to release the energy of impact from your body.

A Precise, Customized Technique

The specific diagnostic properties of this technique allow us to give you treatment customized to your body’s needs. The history of injuries to your body is unique to you and with Matrix Repatterning, each treatment will be tailored to your needs according to the information your body supplies! Your body will tell us what to do, and we listen to know how to treat.

Gentle and Balancing Care

This extremely gentle technique has no thrusting or quick movements. It’s a placement of hands in a strategic way to allow the energy of impact to release.  Once that energy is released, the body will integrate and rebalance. That’s where we start from the next time.  Most clients typically see great success with this technique.

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