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Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) in Midtown Toronto

Finding Stress Triggers

Midtown Toronto Chiropractor Neuro Emotional Technique

NET can locate and eliminate blocks to the healing process

Stress responses such as grief, fear, anger and many others can sometimes negatively affect us long after the original event that caused them. When our body fails to ‘let go’ of these responses we can find ourselves with unexplained aversions, self-sabotaging behaviors, destructive beliefs, phobias and many chronic physical problems.

We use NET to identify and help you eliminate ‘stuck’ mind-body stress patterns that block the healing process.

Listening to the Body

Dr. Alison will use NET methodology to find and resolve neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress. NET will help improve many behavioral and physical conditions. This technique works well for everyone because we all have ‘stuck’ stress patterns. Once experienced, NET becomes a favorite request by clients because it’s so effective. NET – quickly addresses unresolved mind-body stress.

Scientific Validation

There is now quantifiable evidence as to ‘why’ patients feel better when treated with NET, with dramatic pre- and post- treatment changes that can be seen in fMRI brain images. This study was conducted by the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Thomas Jefferson University.  “Neuro emotional technique effects on brain physiology in cancer patients with traumatic stress symptoms: preliminary findings.” J Cancer Surviv (2017).


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