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Neurological Integration System (NIS) in Midtown Toronto

Restoring communication between your brain and body

This in simple terms amounts to a communication breakdown between your neurology (the brain) and your physiology (the body). Any interference or stresses that exceed our body’s individual tolerances can be an underlying cause for a symptom or disease process.

Your Brain is the Body’s Control Center

Midtown Toronto Chiropractor Neuro Emotional Technique

The brain makes the corrections.

NIS is a treatment method based on the principle that the brain governs optimal function of all body systems through its neurological circuits. NIS addresses the real causes of a wide range of complaints to help you achieve superior and sustainable results. NIS involves muscle testing, and then correction of the neural pathways by soft touch.

Principles of NIS:

The principles of NIS are unique and are what sets this method of healthcare apart from all other ‘techniques’ or modalities.

Principle 1 – NIS is based on the premise that all neurophysiology is governed by the brain, and it is the definitive source for evaluating and correcting complaints.

Principle #2  –  NIS looks beyond “labelled” complaints
A label is the name given to a ‘group of symptoms’. e.g. asthma, back pain, insomnia, and these symptoms sit in the leaves of the tree.
With NIS we use a series of scientifically validated protocols (the NIS system) to evaluate and identify which underlying ROOT issue is causing the symptom to exist in the first place.  (These could be structural, physical, hormonal, emotional, neurological, pathological).

Principle #3 –  The brain makes the corrections NOT the practitioner
Regardless of what the practitioner “might think is wrong”, it is the neurological feedback from the BRAIN, gathered by muscle testing that the practitioners uses to determine and correct dysfunction.

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